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Survey A majority of people really dislike daylight saving time

Survey A majority of people really dislike daylight saving timeSurvey A majority of people really dislike daylight saving timeThis Sunday, at 2 a.m., get ready to set your clock ahead one hour, lose that hour of sleep, and spring forward. Actually, most people dont want to.According to a new YouGovsurvey, 54% of Americans are so unenthusiastic about the twice-yearly changing of the clocks that they would support the eradication of daylight saving time altogether.In fact, mora and more states agree and daylight saving time is more and more unpopular, with more states introducing legislation to ban it.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreFlorida recently enabled a vote to have rid themselves of daylight saving time, in a bill called the Sunshine Protection Act, and voters in California legislator will soon vote on legislation for the same thing, called permanent daylight saving time.Th is year, Idaho,Washington, Texas, andOregonproposed legislation to not observe daylight saving time. Arkansas has filed a resolution, as state representative Sarah Capp wrote on her facebook inc page, to encourage Congress to allow all states to decide to spring forward and never again fall back.Daylight saving time has a 100-year history in the United States. It welches used in America during the two World Wars but was stopped after the end of each war. There was no federal law on daylight saving time from 1945 to 1966, and localities chose whether or not to observe it. In 1967, the Uniform Time Act made daylight saving time federally mandated, with states allowed to opt out daylight saving time is not observedin Hawaii or Arizona.For the states proposing legislation to get rid of it, some make an argument for its antiquities and misconceptions.Daylight saving is bad for you?Lyle Larson, a member of the Texas House of Representatives, wrotethat the risk of heart attack increases 10 % in the days following springing forward, most likely caused by sleep deprivation and the interruption of biological rhythms, according to researchers. Studies also indicate that we are less productive, more likely to get sick, and just simply exhausted in the days following the time change.Daylight saving is plain outdated, argued an Arkansas state representative.Daylight saving time is a World War I-era initiative that aimed to conserve energy and reduce fuel costs. For a nation on a war footing in the early 20th century, this made sense, Arkansas state representative Sarah Capp wrote on her Facebook page. However, the year is now 2019 and we live in a much different time.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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The Leaked Secret to Resume References Examples Uncovered

The Leaked Secret to Resume References Examples Uncovered Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Resume References Examples For many job applications you wont need to incorporate any references with your resume. The only time that it is acceptable to include references with the resume in a work application is when theyre requested directly in the work vacancy description. You may also leave work off of your resume entirely. Each time you put in an application for a new job, check your resume to make koranvers that it is not only targeted, but in plus-rechnen current. After all, networking is easily the most important part of a successful job search. Possessing a strong resume will enable you find quite a few great jobs. Writing a resume for employment in the art industry can be difficult. Reading through our sample student and internship cover letters will provide you with a clearer idea of the way to compose your own. The sample reference page provided here can readily be adap ted to fulfill your requirements. Youll also discover a sample reference list. Below youll discover a sample reference list. Only submit your references if youre asked to. If you dont are directly asked for just a couple of references, plan to include three or more references. If you would like to include references, do so by including a separate resume references page. You would like your references to be prepared for a call. When you havent already, ask permission from every one of your references. Formatting your resume references is a comparatively straightforward undertaking. When you should provide references to a prospective employer, the best method to do it is to create a reference page you are able to share with them. The Honest to Goodness Truth on Resume References Examples When you have gaps, be sure tore addressing them. The changes and developments you will implement will be different on the consequence of your final assessment. The range of references yo u list is dependent upon your career level. Ultimately, adding references poses a danger of the applicant. The Battle Over Resume References Examples and How to Win It The functional resume is utilised to concentrate on skills that are particular to the kind of position being sought. The truth is, acquiring a simple personal website which highlights your abilities and more importantly your personality go a ways to creating a 3 dimensional persona for the hiring manager. A best reference is somebody who can effectively endorse your abilities and value as an employee. Resume References Examples - Is it a Scam? Tailoring your resume to suit a prospective employer is not any different. Since an employee reference letter has confidential details about how another individual thinks of the work applicant, its deemed to become an important document during hiring processes. Choosing who to request a reference is a significant step in your application practice. If possible, select r eferences that are in a position to talk specifically about your qualifications for the job for which youre applying. The True Meaning of Resume References Examples Transportation jobs involve a great deal of responsibility and your resume will want to reflect you can manage that. Resumes may be used for a number of reasons, but most often theyre utilised to secure new employment. Actually, at times its a poor concept to include resume references. Keep this in mind while you copy the examples above. Character references can show youre the type of person employers want. Even if all your references are content to be on your list, it is a fantastic concept to supply a heads-up that someone could possibly be reaching out to ask about you. Also, you will find practical suggestions and examples about how to compose a cover letter or an introduction to different resume templates for all sorts of jobseekers. If your reference is someone renown in the business or industry. Followin g your interview, your references could be a vital component on whether you get a job offer from an organization. Moreover, its beneficial to supply references with background information on the organization and the form of job that youre applying for. When an employer doesnt ask by the conclusion of the interview, you should ask them if theyd like reference details. After you are already done writing an employee reference letter, it is important that you review the document at first before sending it. For a worldwide job search, you can want to receive your reference to compose a letter of recommendation. Listing a person for a reference without permission could be damaging to your job application. Be sure to inform your references which youve included them on a resume, so they arent surprised should they receive phone calls or emails about you. You would rather not incorporate an email address with a typo or a telephone number thats missing a digit. When you first think ab out somebody to use as a reference for a work program, you must ask their permission not just to use and give out their contact info but directly if theyd be in a position to supply a reference as some folks may prefer not to. Include your complete name, telephone number, email and personal branding website if youve got one.

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A Conversation with Fast

A Conversation with FastPowerToFly is returning to Seattle to present an engaging evening of cocktails and conversations featuring women tech leaders from some of Seattles hottest startups. The event will be held on Wednesday, December 5th from 6pm to 8pm at MAKERS Workspaces Seattle, located at 92 Lenora Street, Seattle.PowerToFly is currently putting together a stellar lineup of companies, includingConvoy - Convoy is reinventing the supply chain with technology-backed, full-service trucking. They offer the worlds largest companies the best option for moving their freight, via their immense network of technology-connected trucking companies. Shippers get instant quotes, real-time GPS tracking on all shipments, and actionable business analytics to improve their supply chain. Trucking companies get access to free tools and resources that allow them to find loads they want, drive fuller trucks, and get paid quickly.Stripe - Stripe is a set of tools for building and running an internet business. They help businesses accept payments from anyone, anywhere, and build new kinds of companies like Lyft or Kickstarter. They help power millions of businesses in 100+ countries and across nearly every industry. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world. One third of Americans bought something on Stripe in the last year.Agenda (Subject to Change)600pm - Check-In Networking over Drinks and Light Food630pm - Event Kickoff with MAKERS Workspaces635pm - Introductory Remarks by PowerToFly640pm - Product Demonstrations Panel Discussions featuring women tech leaders from Convoy and Stripe655pm - Audience QA710pm - Networking over Drinks and Light FoodAbout the MAKERS Workspaces Modern and chic, MAKERS is an ideal setting for those who appreciate creativity, natural light, and open space. Designed with history and sustainability in mind, MAKERS incorporates many refurbished elements including polished bleacher board floors, salv aged window panes, and tables made of recycled gym floorboards. About PowerToFly Events All attendees who RSVP are welcome, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require accommodation to fully participate in this event, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.Unfortunately, PowerToFly and the participating companies cannot admit outside recruiters to this particular event. Please email if you have any questions about this policy.

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This study says you tend to overestimate your romantic partners IQ

This study says you tend to overestimate yur romantic partners IQThis study says you tend to overestimate yur romantic partners IQIts hard to tune out the wheedle of pseudo-exceptionalism.Delusions of aptitude make us slow to reflection and quick to speak with unearned conviction. This conceited ignorance extends beyond ourselves even. At least once, Im sure youve been the grateful recipient of the handsome words that accompany the puppy love phase.Every new girlfriend or boyfriend just happens to be the best one yet beautiful, charming and intelligent. I mean, could I be wooed by a simpleton? Absolutely. Your current dreamboat might very well be a witless raft, and youd never know it.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreErrors of reflectionA paper recently published in the Intelligence Journalrecognizes our tendency to overestimate the brilliance of our companions with the help of 2 18 heterosexual couples. The participants were asked to evaluate the intellect of their partners through an intuitive graphical scale (the results of which were later converted into IQ points) and the non-verbal intelligence test known as theRavens Advanced Progressive Matrices.On mass, respondents overshot the intelligence of their partners by a lot. Men estimated their wives and girlfriends IQ scores to be about 36 points higher than they actually were, while women inflated their boyfriends and hubbies numbers to the tune of 38 points. The paper additionally indicated people to be generally more attracted to mates of comparable intellect. An observation that becomes comical in unison with the bounty of research exploring narcissistic ignorance.In a separate study, even though the vast majority of individuals scored below 100 points on an IQ test, only 0.9% of women and 1.8% of men estimated their intelligence to be below average.At some point, we have to wager our happiness agains t honest appraisal. Positive Illusions in Marital Relationships A 13-Year Longitudinal Study,was published back in 2006. The authors gathered that newlyweds that were captured by intense illusions regarding the caliber of their partners were found to claim a deeper and more intense love with said partner. These relationships also tended to outlast couples that were well aware of each others mediocrity.Many suspect crimes of ego to endorse such mistakes of value. Our lovers are a reflection of our own worth and taste muses for our pompous inner monologues. I suspect the reasoning is sometimes less sinister. Even though science has located love beneath the debris of biology and evolution, it still retains the power to cow us into intellectual quietism. When we find a person that makes us feel all warm and husky, were likely to be a little more charitable when evaluating their flaws. We might just as soon amplify qualities we independently admire.Dutch psychologist Pieternel Dijkstra a nd her team of researchersrecently concluded that gifted young people generally privilege merits of intellect over emotional compatibility when seeking a partner to settle down with. The data equally applied to the formation of platonic relationships as well. Intelligence is such a charismatic virtue and we all feel entitled to it.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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How to Create a Good Elevator Pitch for Your Job Search

How to Create a Good Elevator Pitch for Your Job SearchHow to Create a Good Elevator Pitch for Your Job SearchHow to Create a Solid Elevator Pitch for Your Job SearchHeres how you can master the elevator pitch and answer the What do you do? networking question like a pro.Not everyone finds networking events to be fun. In fact, for introverts, networking can be a painful activity. And one of the most excruciating parts? When everyone goes around the room and gives their elevator pitch, a quick treffen that captures the essence of what they do or what kind of job theyre looking for. Whether youre presenting in front of a crowd or just having a one-on-one conversation, a good elevator pitch that answers the networking question, What do you do? is one of the most important tools you can have in your job-search arsenal.In order to craft an award-winning introduction, consider borrowing a concept from the field of marketing you are marketing yourself, after all. When promoting a product, a marketer has the choice to discuss either the products features or its benefits. Features are the things you can see, touch, or feel about a product, while benefits are the advantages you get from it. The rule of thumb in marketing is that features dont sell a product, benefits do.The reason so many elevator pitches are boring or unmemorable is that people have a strong tendency to talk only about their professional features what they do and how they do it which is notlage likely to leave a lasting impression.Benefits, on the other hand, are much more enticing in an elevator pitch. Do you provide a competitive advantage by creating customer loyalty? Have you saved your employer money by creating efficient, new systems? You get the idea. Focus on the impact of what you do, not just the tasks you have mastered. Of course, make sure your benefits are not too general or over the top, or you will come off as cheesy and unbelievable. For example, instead of leading with something like I save companies from going out of business, try one of these sample statements insteadI lead accounting departments that actually save companies money.I increase revenue through unique ways of creating brand loyalty.Ideally, your elevator pitch will intrigue people enough to want to hear more. Once youve come up with something you like, practice saying it until it feels comfortable but not rehearsed and youll be ready to confidently answer this networking question at your next event.Click on the following link for more networking advice.Make sure your resume is ready for your new connections with a free resume critique.Recommended ReadingNetworking Tips from the Industry Experts5 Ways to Network With Your Current ColleaguesHow to Succeed at Your Next Networking Event

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Protecting ourselves from stress in the workplace

Protecting urselves from stress in the workplaceProtecting ourselves from stress in the workplaceMike has a work project due. He has already spent several days on it. The boss is expecting the finished results on his desk before Mike leaves for the night. It looks like Mike is going to miss another dinner with the family. In fact, hell be lucky if he makes it home before the kids go to bed tonight.Julie works in customer service. She deals with unhappy customers all day, and many take out their frustrations on her. To make matters worse, her coworkers give her all of the worst cases. She is the newest employee, and isnt part of their clique, yet. By the time Julie gets home each day, she struggles to find the energy to help her children with their homework.What is stress?A 2017 report by the American Psychological Association found that 61% of the population experiences stress related to the workplace. If you are feeling stressed about work, you are not alone.Many of us can relate to the workplace presayas in the above examples. Most of us know what stress feels like. What is it, though that actually happens with stress?Stress is a sensation that is caused by rising levels of cortisol. This cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands, and is used to raise an alarm in the brain. It works to initiate our flight-or-fight response, which gears us up to confront, or escape, danger. For some, this alarm is stuck in the on position. The stressed person is constantly in a state of being prepared for attack.Stress and the bodyStress has evolved as a natural motivator, and can be useful in small doses. The effects of excessive stress on the body, however, are numerous. Stress has been linked to heart attacks, obesity, and insomnia. Headaches, frequent illnesses, and sexual dysfunction are just a few more of the symptoms that can be present during prolonged stress.Stress and mental healthIn addition to producing physical symptoms, stress can take a toll on our mental healt h. The feeling of constantly being on edge can result in a lack of attention span increased irritability forgetfulness and substance abuse. Anxiety and depression are also often a symptom of stress.Common work-related stressorsThe fruchtwein widely reported sources of prolonged stress at the workplace are found in the following list. Take a moment to consider how many of behauptung pressures are affecting your life. Then, read on to learn some techniques you can use to reduce the impactDeadlines and QuotasBad ManagementCoworkersPoor Physical EnvironmentCoping strategiesNot many of us can afford to just up and leave our stressful jobs. What can we do when leaving is not an option? Lets examine some tactics.Deadlines and QuotasRemember the admonition to work smarter, not harder? This adage applies when it comes to meeting deadlines. Remember that what you do in isolation is not observed by your boss. You may be burning the midnight oil, but the boss is only around to see what you do i n the office. Make sure that you are visibly observed as going full-throttle with the project. A boss who sees an employee working hard is more likely to be gracious when it comes to extending deadlines. Communication can go a long way here, as well. Keep your boss updated on the daily progress, and you may find yourself under less pressure to take your work home.Bad ManagementAnswering to a manager who does not take important factors into consideration is no fun. In this situation, a change of perspective is in order. Once we become aware of our situation, it can be beneficial to lower our expectations. If we already know that our boss is not going to listen to our input, we can go in armed with this knowledge. Simply accepting that things will be mismanaged can go a long way toward relieving the frustration. It can even become a little fun, watching the predictable disaster unfold as we simply go with the flowNegative CoworkersFor some, the negative vibes associated with things li ke favoritism, gossiping, and slacking can suck the life right out of the office. For those who find themselves drained by these interactions, it can be useful to remember that we can choose our friends, but not our coworkers. Remember that we can choose to tune out the negativity, though. Save your thoughts for getting the work tasks done, and save your emotions for your loved ones at home.Poor Physical EnvironmentSitting in one position all day can make the body feel stressed. Similarly, a lack of pure light like from the sun can change the chemical composition within the body, and can result in a sense of depression.Some changes that can be made to the physical environment include adding a standing desk, or bringing in a natural-light lamp. In addition, studies have found that taking a short break to go outside for even five minutes can increase productivity, overall.Take care of yourselfWhen it comes to managing workplace stress, self-care is critical. Just as the rule for s aving money is to pay yourself, first, the rule for managing stress is to love yourself, first. Make sure that you are spending a small amount of time, each day, doing something that you enjoy. Go for a jog, do some yoga, read a book, or take a hot bath.Dont forget that sick time can be applied to mental woes, as well, so dont be afraid to use your time to take a mental health day. In the case of managing work-life balance, make sure to look into the laws surrounding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA.) These laws protect us when we need to take time off of work to tend to our loved ones.Dr. Jeff Nalin, PsyD is an award-winning licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Certified Chemical Dependency Intervention Specialist. Dr. Nalin is the Founder and Chief Clinical Director at Paradigm Malibu Treatment Center with locations in both Malibu and San Francisco. Dr. Nalin was instrumental in the development of the treatment component of Los Angeles Countys first Juvenile Drug Court, whic h now serves as a national model.